Want this website to stay around?

Way back when, I started documenting my repairs, in order to avoid having to answer the same technical questions over and over and over again. My customers wanted to see the step-by-step procedures I used to heal their boards. Also, it seemed necessary to educate them about the inherent strengths and weaknesses of their boards, so they would not inadvertently damage them.

That was then. Now I am retired. I do not have customers any more (yeah yeah, I do miss you guys, but not always :)

This website, then, is not the business tool any more it once was, but a public service, one that costs me a fair amount of $s every year, for hosting fees, domain name etc etc.

Instead of just letting it expire, how about those of you who get something constructive out of it, or those who ask direct questions and get a personalized response, contribute to its maintenance? Just a few $s each time one of you learns something helpful, would keep this compendium going.