Das Boot

for those windless, waveless days

modified "Wee Lassie", 11 1/2ft canoe, built of bead & cove Western Red Cedar, with Ash gunwale, laminated Mahogany stems & coamings

Pickled with Smith & Co penetrating Epoxy, glassed over inside & out with 4oz cloth in Fiberglass Hawaii Aluzine Epoxy, protected from UV with 4-6 coats of Flagship varnish. Finished weight 23.2#

temp frames set up on strongback

laminating inner stems

strip-planking has reached the tricky point of maximum twist - persuasion was needed here with the heat gun
to avoid nail or screw holes, I generated glue pressure for laminated outer stems with string and bungee
which worked fine - those are (8) strips of Mahogany, making up that outer stem
planks running into the keel on mid-bottom, fitted one at a time
all faired, doused with penetrating Epoxy, and glassed over
hull lifted off the temp frames, weighing in at 14.5#
inner & outer gunwales being Epoxied to the rails
coamings for the decks laminated from Mahogany
foredeck planking running into the stem

observe the ingenious towing eye

                              forward deck complete & glassed over, caned seat in place, aft deck under way
the "Whiskey Plank", the very last plank to be added (the biddy piece just to the right of the feature strip)
the third of 5 coats of varnish going onto the hull (this was just before the moth came along..)
all shiny inside & out


"no worries"

launch day
she floats!!
                  maiden voyage: French Gulch

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