Stealth windsurfing trailer

Born from the need to somehow accommodate myself, plus a pile of gear, in a box that would fit into my carport, and pull the whole thing behind a woefully gutless truck, over the Grapevine no less, 2000ft straight up, this trailer ended up fulfilling all the requirements gracefully, and is still going strong 20 years later - though the gear has mutated over the years and multiplied, and does not fit quite as gracefully any more as it once did...

Construction is from left-overs, miscellaneous bits left over from boat building jobs, including sheets of Urethane and PVC foam, odd fiberglass remnants, even some Kevlar on the bottom. Hatches are recycled from a Swan 57, interior trim from a 40ft Newporter. The box weighed only about 60# before I bolted it to the frame, yet is strong enough to walk on the roof, in order to clean the solar array (and look for stray windsurfers).

With a solar panel providing power to a 12V gel cell, with on-board water and sanitary facilities (porta-potty), and a comfy reading corner with good light and music, I can be independent for weeks on end.

An interesting tidbit regarding fuel economy: the 2.5liter Jeep Cherokee I streamlined this trailer for, used to get 22.0mpg on an average road trip, relatively empty. With windsurfing gear piled on top, this dropped down to 19.8mpg. With the same gear following behind in this trailer, gas mileage improved to 20.5mpg.


spares up front, storage all around

built-in fin stash

slide-out stove; flammables locker, lid becomes table

                   the gear side                                             the people side                           storage - bamboo curtains allow ventilation