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The purpose of this site is to pass along my experiences with Epoxy board repairs, in order to illuminate what to many appears a mysterious subject; to make Epoxy board owners more aware of their toys' strengths and weaknesses; and to make you all easier to get along with as repair customers.

These ramblings are the "Gospel according to Eva". They do not claim to present absolute truths. For every procedure I have found to work for me, there are likely many other ways of achieving the same or better results. And while very close to being perfect, I acknowledge the possibility of having missed a thing or two. Possibly.

Just because a certain approach has worked for me in the past, and I portray it in these pages as a positive solution, does not necessarily mean that the same approach would work for you every time. Boards vary tremendously, and the injuries inflicted upon them even more so. Be critical!

Working with chemicals is inherently dangerous to your health. Do take all reasonable precautions! I have a number of acquaintances from my boatbuilding days who are now suffering from the debilitating effects of long-term exposure to the poisons disguised as boatbuilding materials. Be smart - protect yourself!

Working with tools is inherently dangerous to your health. Use the right tool for the job, make sure it is in good working order and sharp, don't use a power tool unless the proper guards are in place. Don't use a power tool without being totally focused on the task. Protect your eyes and ears. Work smart! Work safe!


Throughout this site, I freely use trade names, where they have become synonymous in common speech with certain tools or materials. So sorry! To set things right, here the proper credits:

Divinycell is a registered trademark of Diab-Barracuda; it has become synonymous with structural cross-linked PVC foam and can be found in most surf, sail, and kiteboards, as well as airplanes, trucks, and boats.

Shop-Vac is a registered trademark of the Shop-Vac Corporation; it has become synonymous with stout vacuum-devices around the shop.

Deck Dust from Fiberglass Hawaii is Acrylic dust marketed for sailboard non-skid (but originally developed, I understand, for the beautification of ladies' fingernails :)

Padz by Northshore Inc, have become synonymous with cushy (and effective) board protection devices.

All other trademarks are the sole property of their respective owners, and their use in this site in no way represents our ownership of them, rather our use and/or endorsement thereof.


This entire site is copyright (C) 2004 and beyond by Eva-M. Hollmann, AKA The Board Lady. All rights reserved. This site is intended for personal, informational use only. Commercial use of this information is not permitted in any way, except with the express written permission of Eva-M. Hollmann. While we work very hard to provide a useful and accurate site, neither the owner nor maintainer(s) of this site will be responsible for any errors or omissions, including those of which we have previously been made aware, even should they result in personal injury or property damage. This site is provided on an as-available, best-effort basis. Neither the site owner nor maintainer(s) are responsible if for whatever reason it cannot be accessed.