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Job #5356

a much-used Saxo comes in with softness in the "active" area

there is a weeping crack beneath the forward heels

remove padz; inject Marine Urethane to glue the original core together as much as possible, and hold the shape
after the injected foam has set, grind away the fractured material to reveal a double-whammy: a well-intentioned but misguided patch of veneer set into Carbon, forming a stress-riser; and a "hinge" between that veneer patch and much glass reinforcement at the forward end of those aft foot strap inserts
grind away that veneer patch, reveal totally fractured sheet foam beneath
a bit further in: whatever could those white spots of filler on the left have been intended to do??
beneath the inner glass and sheet foam, the EPS foam, fractured, with brown striations, from having been exposed to water for a looong time.

Why brown you ask? during manufacture, the sheet foam is temporarily affixed to the EPS with staples. Prolonged leakage will cause rusting of these staples

this being a warm summer, I set it into a breezy spot to dry - it shed approx 5oz of moisture

new inner glass and Herex vacuum-bagged
new sheet foam feathered out and faired
4oz glass applied, the 3.75oz Carbon cloth with get squeegeed into that
cured, feathered out
Epoxy fairing compound applied, most of it sanded off again
Epoxy primer
LP color coat
heel bumpers reapplied
padz re-installed, non-skid touched up with DekDust in UV-resistant Epoxy

Weight before surgery: 17.48#; thereafter 17.10#

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