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Job #5533

hard-used race board with soft spots under the heels, as well as between the pads
leaking crack beneath aft heel
leaking crack beneath fwd heel
impact (?) dent in structurally significant spot
inject Marine Urethane foam prior to removing the diseased deck material, in order to hold the shape, and force the foam into the EPS crevices
once the Urethane has cured, remove the original deck structure, revealing not only a most unfortunate bit of veneer "reinforcement" that served as a stress riser to exacerbate the flex issues; another unfortunate stress riser at the forward edge of the snazzy "air intake tubes" (something that makes some sense in theory but never worked at the speeds windsurfers operate at); but also the sandwich material flexed beyond redemption =>
leading to disintegration of the EPS foam underneath the fractured sheet foam...
new inner glass and Herex foam gets vacuum-bagged (SLOW Epoxy!!!)
new sheet foam feathered out and faired
layer of 4oz Carbon cloth laminated. Just after passing with a squeegee, the foot strap insert holes briefly become visible. I mark them with pins
faired, primes and painted with LP
padz reinstalled, non-skid touched up with DekDust

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