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Job #5850

leaks at all forward foot strap inserts  

inserts dislodged in front

deck soft and compressed under forward toes

inserts come out fairly easily with a cork-screw - you did not know a cork screw belonged in a board repair person's tool kit, did you?

the fun begins - making up the new foot strap inserts, properly set into Divinycell this time!

someone is a little anal about lining things up nice and purdy - but its relatively harmless....

making insert sandwiches   

squoosh them to come out even - and minimize weight, of course!

in the meantime, foam all soft spots and cavities with 2-part Marine Urethane foam

laying out the new insert locations - we'll increase the spacing to 6 5/8" between screw holes from the original, minimal 6 1/8", and use  double-inserts across, to prevent twist, and since the owner never used anything but the forward-most locations, anyhow. New inserts are squared and had their vertical corners rounded on a bench sander

fitting the new inserts - note how cavities from original inserts are filled with Urethane foam

potted in SLOW Epoxy/Q-Cell/Microballon-paste

sanded and filled and ready for Carbon/glass laminations - I even remembered to mark the screw holes - bitch to find those once they are covered with Carbon!

2x4oz cloth plus 1x4.7oz Carbon cloth - hell for stout!
new reinforcements feathered out, pilot holes drilled into new inserts
VC fairing compound slathered on
and most of it taken off again 
ready for paint
all back together and freshly washed and ready to go!

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