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Job #5863


someone is angling for frequent flyer status?

clamp to shape and inject Marine Urethane, to keep it there

bevel-grind deck crease

ditto for bottom
bag new inner glass and Divinycell
odd-looking when it first emerges after bagging, isn't it?
but it makes sense once I've knocked it down to be flush with the adjacent stuff!
laminated over with Carbon, with a couple of layers of lighter glass cloth covering the curvaceous edges
new Carbon lams feathered out - she needs a bath, soon!
texture filled with VC, sanded, primed, and sanded some more
deck @ nose taped off & ready for paint
deck @ nose painted and non-skid touched up
bottom painted and rubbed out; the whole thing given a good bath. weight gain 1/8oz since last visit

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