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Job #5867 - the cobblers own shoe

soft deck with creases under stbd jibe foot

Marine Urethane foam injected into the soft, depressed areas to reconstitute core

all fractured stuff ground away, including individual, circular veneer "reinforcements", edges feathered out; new PVC foam ready to bag

glueing it all together with 5psi

new inner glass & PVC sheet foam faired out

"glassed" over w/ Carbon cloth (pins mark foot strap insert holes, which are briefly visible when swiping the surface with a squeegee)
faired w/ VC, sanded, primed, and sanded again
painted w/ LP
padz re-glued, non-skid touched up, straps re-installed - ready to roll again! total weight gain 1 1/2oz (the Urethane foam I injected)

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