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Job #5868

Burgashell 1x, fell from overhead rack onto tail, severe buckles just forward and just aft of the cockpit

"travel braces" came off

numerous creases in aft hull

aligned one by one, and taped

cockpit and deck moldings aligned and tacked

cockpit and aft deck joint taped, access port cut into aft deck, loose center web bits removed

fractured center web bits glued back as much as feasible, rest secured with 2-part Urethane foam

lids glued back on
aft deck prepped for new glass
new glass in place on deck
bottom prepped for new laminations
new Carbon and outer fiberglass cloth in place
new laminations feathered out
Epoxy fairing compound liberally applied
and most of it sanded off again
Epoxy primer applied

forward deck buckle

lots of loose center web bits rattling around
pulling the buckles out of the foredeck
more buckles to pull out - getting crowded in there...
gluing in new PVC foam webs
putting the lid back on
prepped for outer laminations
outer glass in place, with extra tabbing over the hull/deck joint
Epoxy fairing compound applied
and most of it sanded off again
painting day
rubbed out and polished, washed, shear stripe applied. total weight gain 13oz

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