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Job #5874

crack in relatively un-stressed area, flexes markedly with thumb pressure

decals removed, aft pad peeled back

Marine Urethane injected to stabilize EPS core where soft & crunchy

"lid" cut away - that outer layer of Carbon is about half the weight I normally see between the padz

grind away fractured material; find NO veneer; find Corecell instead of Divinycell; find what for all the world looks like a cut in the Corecell

new inner glass & Corecell vacuum-bagged
new Corecell feathered out, adjacent laminations bevelled
"glassed over w/ 2x 4oz fiberglass cloth plus 4.75oz Carbon cloth
new lams feathered out, trying to keep it fair along the way to minimize filler
Epoxy filler applied, then most sanded off again
Epoxy primer applied
and much sanded off again; everything cleaned and taped off in preparation for the topcoat
LP topcoat applied
stripes layed out and taped off
my secret arsenal for fancy touch-up and stripes
stripes applied with pouncer
                              padz glued back down, Deck Dust applied into UV-stabilized Epoxy; cured; everything scrubbed, straps re-installed; total weight gain just under one ounce

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