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Job #5878

starting weight a whopping 23.26#, with water sloshing about in the middle

when pressurized, air bubbles from the interface between fin box and bottom skin; Goretex vent is found punctured and leaking

with fin screw holes taped off, the fin box is filled with soapy water and the board again pressurized. Bubbles emerge only from the fin box/bottom skin interface, not from the suspicious router marks on the inside of the fin box

bottom skin ground off, ready for evacuation

after extracting almost 7# of water, the new bottom skin is laminated

and ground flush
filler, then primer applied, ready for LP topcoat
Goretex vent fixture cut in preparation for extraction
it comes out relatively clean
the substantial cavity is foamed out with 2-part Urethane, with a 1/2" Divinycell "lid" to support a "proper" vent fixture
bevel-ground and ready for outer skin
glassed over, then ground flush
faired, primed, LP topcoat and non-skid DeckDust applied
new Chinook manual vent ready to go in
all done!

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