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Job #5892

Nelson-built Thommen, caught in the shore break; deck buckled 15" aft of nose

cut away anything that might interfere with re-establishing the rocker; the individual layers still adhere astoundingly well to each other

clamp it back to shape (there is a 1/4" sheet of plywood beneath, and some straight sticks across)

inject marine Urethane foam, to hold the rocker (this is one legitimate use of DuctTape in board repair - used here to force the expanding foam down into the cracks and crevices - well, most of it...)
the fracture is bevel-ground; new piece of Corecell & inner glass cut; vacuum tape in place, and bagging materials prepared
the bonding surface is coated with a bit of filled Epoxy
with the "rocker clamp" still in place, new inner glass & Corecell are vacuum-bagged
bagging supplies removed, revealing an odd-looking blob
but when ground flush, it starts to make sense... new reinforcements ready to go
outer laminations done, replacing what I found there, plus a layer of 4oz fiberglass cloth, to protect the Carbon during the fairing process
everything ground flush - not much fairing required, just a bit of filling of texture
Epoxy fairing compound slathered on
and most of it sanded off again
Epoxy primer applied
painting day dawns warm and calm - perfect!
nose painted and ready for new decal
bottom rubbed out
new decals and non-skid applied (DekDust in UV-resistant Epoxy), then - after a proper curing interval - the whole thing given a good bath  weight gain 1 1/2oz (must be that Urethane foam I injected)  

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