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Job #5906

unfortunate high-speed impact with corner of dock

Divinny & veneer bevelled, next for the EPS core restoration (inject Urethane, cap with 1/2" EPS "lid")

core rebuilt, ready for new structurals

all laid out for first round of vacuum-bagging (new inner glass plus 1/8" Divinny) - on a hot day, you have got to have your ducks in a row!

vacuum-bagging new inner glass & Divinny

weird blob emerges from the vacuum-bag
but feathers out nicely, with bevelled edges all around; a recess has been created for the new veneer
new veneer being vacuum-bagged
a bit rough looking when it emerges from the vacuum bag
but feathers out well when sanded flush; a bit of a recess has been sanded for an outer layer of fiberglass to seal it all
glassed over with 4oz of fiberglass cloth in Epoxy - all structurals done!
fiberglass feathered out
slathered with Epoxy fairing compound
and most of it sanded off again...
coated with LP - this is as close as I could come with the paints that are still viable
sanded out and decal affixed - weight out 25.20#, down from check-in weight of 25.27#

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