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Job #5908

brand spanking new Tabou with shipping damage on the bottom

pry up the depressed sandwich to make things as continuous on the outer surface as possible

inject 2-part Urethane to glue the innards back together and fill any voids (note thorough covering, in case of a blow-out)

tidy away all overage, and bevel grind the original laminations, to make room for the new ones

(2) layers of 3.75oz Carbon - more than ultimately needed, but the extra is handy as a sanding base
all ground flush, revealing the inevitable little dips and hollows
filled with Carbon dust in Epoxy, sanded again - and then I filled that last little pinhole with Acrylic spot putty
paint the repair, with a mask made from self-adhesive shelf paper
"sunrise over the desert" - much better than an obviously botched attempt at matching that original blue, don't you think?

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