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Job #5909

Removal of Goretex vent fixture

The fixtures are Marelon or some other plastic that Epoxy does not bond to, and - unlike Chinook fixtures that have some grooved pattern on their bonding surface - these are generally left plain, so they tend to come adrift, and LEAK

vent fixture loose from underside of deck and leaking

deck opened up to allow removal of fixture

prying out the fixture


making an undercut for the "lid"
"lid" cut from 1/8" PVC foam, with waxed string to aid manipulation (I want the Divinny lid, because the Urethane, while it forms a nice crust, often has large-ish holes inside, so the cut surfaces are usually not ready for glassing, and I did not want to have to mess with filling)
trial-fitting the "lid"
2-part Marine Urethane poured into the cavity, "lid" slipped in place REAL quick and held there until expanding foam holds it in place. Remove string before it all sets up hard!
all cleaned up and ready for top skin
glass/Carbon cloth/glass, with a layer of peel ply to smooth things out (the reddish color is from the Epoxy hardner which has sat around a while and absorbed moisture)
edges feathered out - to prep for paint, all that's required is to fill those pinholes with spotputty Acrylic glaze
painted, and Deck Dust sprinkled into the wet paint
for the retro plug installation, I scratch all contact surfaces to improve the bond; and tape off all around, to prevent messes
all the resin cleanup happens on the tape, rather than the board's non-skid, from where it would be near-impossible to remove
ready to roll

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