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But its already been repaired once....
so prettily, too!
with impressive adhesion between old and new - NOT
this pile of #@*% weighed in at 4.3#
holes filled with Marine Urethane foam
new fill faired, everything prepped for the new PVC "lid" to go on
new inner fiberglass and Herex PVC "lid" being vacuum-bagged
new Herex PVC "lid" faired, edges feathered out
new Carbon laminations in place, with a layer of 4oz fiberglass cloth over it, to serve as a sanding base
new structure feathered out and sanded
faired w/ Epoxy filler, primed w/ Epoxy primer, painted w/ Linear Polyurethane and rubbed out w/ a 3M Purple Pad for that satin go-fast finish

Net weight loss 1.2#, cost $140.-, and this one will not delam!

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