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Fin Repair
another uncharted obstacle reared its ugly head - fortunately, I had just run over the wind and gotten out of the back strap to initiate a jibe
a fair amount of material got ground off, so just filling with Epoxy would not have been good enough

just as with board repair, there is no point in keeping that which is compromised, and long scarph joints are best

multiple layers of fiberglass, to be applied with UV-stable Epoxy

be generous, because you surely don't want to do this twice!

          first side cured, tidied up some; turn fin over, bevel-grind other side, new laminations are showing up lighter around the perimeter (the manufacturer used a tint, I did not)
second side laminated with lots of little strips of fiberglass in Epoxy, to re-build the fin's thickness
everything ground down and faired in, then sanded down to 320grit

coated with a clear sealer - I like Deft "Clear Wood Finish Satin" Lacquer spray in a rattle can

rubbed out with a Purple Pad for a satin-y, low-drag finish

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