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Flowery Heartbreak

On the way to its new owner, this gorgeous Surftech Takayama Model T was run over by a truck
The rail got squashed, bottom displaced a bit
Start over, then!

Everything crunched is cut out, new piece of EPS foam fit in and faired

New EPS foam filled and glassed over
New veneer vacuum-bagged on, duplicating the factory procedure with bottom veneer going on first, feathered out, then deck veneer overlapping, for extra meat on the rails
New veneer all feathered out
New veneer glassed over, faired and sanding-coated
A Sunday afternoon with a mug of Chai tea and Telemann in the background, a detail brush and a handful of Acrylic paints to recreate the fabric overlay; a final coating of finish resin, wet-sanding 400, 600, 1200 grit, a good polish, and

a big Ta-da

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