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You wiped out, the mast slammed onto the rail, the paint cracked - is that all that cracked?? what if the PVC foam fractured as well, and the inner glass? what if it leaks into the EPS core? how can you find out??


Open the vent if your board has one of those, and put the board into a cool place overnight. Next morning, as the sun starts to get warm, close the vent, and set the board into the sun. As it warms up, brush dishwashing detergent onto the suspect crack. If there are bubbles, you got a leak. (as the air inside the board warms, it expands, and will escape by whichever means)
       Hot tip from Cliff H: set board into jacuzzi for a quicker warm-up. Brilliant!
Or you can build a pressure tester from a small bilge pump or such, plus a few bits of sprinkler tubing. Just make sure to put it all together with plenty of slip-joints, so that your testing gizmo blows apart before the board does.

Pressurize board via a piece of tubing threaded into the vent fixture.

and thar she blows!
A quicker way to answer the leak/ no leak question in the shop is to dial in a modest amount of vacuum, say, 7inHg, then attach the board to the vacuum. If it does not settle down at the same 7inHg the closed system had, then there is a leak somewhere.

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