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Advanced Soft Deck Repair

all the complications: EPS & PVC foams, Carbon, veneer

fatigue from hard use, EPS compacted, separated
injecting Marine Urethane foam from the sides. A plastic film forces the expanding foam down into the EPS, filling crevices and gluing chunks back together
after the Urethane blobs are faired, the inner Carbon cloth plus Herex PVC sheet foam are vacuum-bagged
Herex is feathered out and faired
veneer is vacuum-bagged into a layer of 4oz fiberglass cloth
veneer emerges from the vacuum bag
veneer feathered out, then "glassed" over with Carbon cloth, plus a sacrificial layer of fiberglass cloth
faired, primed, painted with LP
all back together

weight gain approx 1 1/2oz

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