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The Pickle

A product that does just what it promises to do; that does away with nasty chemicals which are customarily used for the purpose; and that is made from a waste product that would otherwise go to the dump - yes, I can indeed get excited about this!


The problem is removal of wax from boards. The answer is this innocuous-looking handful of stuffed green stocking-type material. Instead of Kerosene or other solvents that harm you, the environment, and possibly your board as well, you scrape away the bulk of wax with a scraper or credit-card or what-have-you, and then rub at the remnants with this green thing. It will quickly turn fairly ugly (see above), but continue to work, taking the wax off, leaving you with a lovely clean surface.
What starts out as a plump, brilliantly green sausage, soon acquires a "Couleur-de-Muerkel" as my Granma used to say; and little by little, doing its duty, it gives up its stuffing, until - alas! - there is nothing but Muerkel and no more stuffing.

The one on the left served faithfully in my shop for about 6 months, which probably equates an average surfer's lifetime use.

Go see http://www.picklewaxremover.com/

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