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Just how good are all those buckle/snap repairs?

Of the 250 or so buckle/snap repairs I did as per the descriptions in these pages, (1) came back after a year, with a new snap nearby - turns out, the first time around I had overlooked a Divinycell butt joint a few inches out of sight.

All others surfed on. Some I followed for many years, as they returned with unrelated ailments. One, a Surftech veneer buckle repair, returned 2 years later with a new buckle, 18" distant from the edge of my earlier repair: the board had once again been stressed beyond its design limit, my repair held, the original structure failed


 this had come to me in 2  pieces

its the model in the snap repair tutorial


this, too, had come to me in 2 pieces


my first buckle repair is under the chevron
this had come to me in 1 piece, but barely hanging together

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