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or "Queenie says...."

Lemon juice takes stickies off your hands without the harsh drying Acetone would cause.

When working near EPS foam, always use the slowest Epoxy available, lest the exotherm melt the foam.

Never sand or grind a sandwich structure with a dull tool - the resulting heat can cause delams!

If something takes a bit longer than you expected and the resin is about to gel, spread it out on a piece of cardboard. The thin film dissipates heat better than a solid blob in your mixing cup, slowing the cure significantly.

To clean sanding dust etc from adjacent non-skid prior to applying new non-skid to a ding, use a soft eraser.

If you laminated over inserts with Carbon and cannot locate them anymore, set the board out in the evening: the ensuing dew will outline all inserts clearly.

Pencils make handy plugs when foaming out fractured EPS foam.

To know when it is safe to take off a vacuum or clamps or such, put a dab of the resin used on the stand adjacent to the repair. When the dab is hard, its time to move on. (when you can't tell which dab was which, its time to clean the stands)

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