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Soft Deck

or "why did you wait this long??"

just a few wrinkles, oozing brine

makes a crunchy sound when pushed with your thumb

"couldn't you just, like, inject some Epoxy in there??"

selective reinforcements make for excellent hinges :(
slightly crumbled Divinycell
with crumbled EPS foam beneath

that injected Epoxy would have done a world of good!

A few days of vacuum-drying, then Urethane foam injected to stabilize EPS foam, and new inner glass and PVC foam vacuum-bagged to area
PVC foam feathered out, paint stripped adjacent, original laminations feathered out
2x Carbon cloth laminated over, well staggered, with a 4oz glass cloth covering all, so as not to disturb the Carbon fibers with the squeegee
New laminations feathered out and primed
sanded, then painted with LP
padz reinstalled, deck non-skidded (this one Deck Dust in clear LP)


and next time, come when the very first cracks appear on deck!!

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