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Sources for Materials & Supplies

Resin, fillers, vacuum-bagging supplies, instructions www.westsystem.com

Resin, fillers, and the best Epoxy answer man in the biz www.systemthree.com

Reinforcements, Divinycell & Herex, fillers, board bits www.fiberglasshawaii.com

Reinforcements, fillers, board bits www.fiberglasssupply.com

Reinforcements, vacuum-bagging supplies www.fibreglast.com

Vacuum-bagging supplies www.acp-composites.com

Board bits www.chinooksailing.com

More board bits www.murrays.com

Best wax removal device, The Pickle http://www.picklewaxremover.com/

Padding etc www.northshoreinc.com

Resin, filler, all manner of marine stuff www.westmarine.com

Best sandpaper - and less expensive, too.. www.klingspor.com


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