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Testing for Water in the Board

or "you aren't actually listening to that board - or are you??"


If the exterior is dry, but the board weighs substantially more than it did last month, it probably has water in it.

Kind 'a obvious, isn't it? So - do you know the original weight of your board??

Don't even think about going by the manufacturer's stated weight - that is a pipe dream, usually removed from reality by many pounds. No, you will have to weigh your board!


If you set the board into the sun, and water bubbles out of the suspect crack, there is a pretty good chance that more is in there.

Also watch for tell-tale rings of salt. The water may have evaporated at the surface, but the salt will stay until the next outing.


If you tape some clear plastic over the wound, and set the board into the sun and condensation forms on the plastic, you have water in there.

Moisture Meter

If it reads more than 1/2% on the Sovereign Moisture Meter, it probably has water in it. (the reading at right is about 10%, indicating puddles of water)

(the fancy meter might also be "seeing" Carbon, or get thrown for a loop by metal inserts - its certainly not all moisture that reads high)


If you put the board on a vacuum, put your ear to it and hear it gurgle, you have water in there.

As ridiculous as this sounds (and as much fun as my neighbors poke at me for listening to my boards), I have found this method to be more accurate than the $600.- Moisture Meter. Not only can I quantify the sounds, but I can also hear trace amounts that the Moisture Meter is unable to pick up.

So go, listen

thanks to Southwest Boardsports Peter Jones for doing the listening!

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